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Search Engine Optimisation

It seems like I have not been updating my blog for long even though my last post was on the 18th Jan. It shows that there is some sort of attachment between me and addykho.com, and of course with my readers too.

I was in fact away for few days to enhance my own Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) knowledge. I may be the only one in East Malaysia with the Advance SEO qualification (or one of the very few in Malaysia), I must say that SEO  for me is  still a really fascinating subject and for many others may consider it as the ‘Black Box’ of internet world.  With the knowledge of Advanced SEO, one would at least know what Google is looking for or what Google likes so that your website can be ranked higher in the search engine result pages  (SERPs).

In layman term, SEO is about the skill to please Google or other search engines like Yahoo and Bing by optimising your website and also by popularising your website so the search engines would rank your website higher in the search results. We shall put more weight in Google because it dominates around 80% of the market share at the moment. That is why I always regard Google as the King Google.

No doubt that it is everyone’s dream to rank on top 5 of the SERPs because being on the top 5 of the SERPs, you will capture 90% of the traffic (SEO Researcher). So what is the 90% of the traffic means for you?  Business and Money of course! But not everyone knows what is required in order to get there.

Imaging if you own a website and ranked on the 3rd page of Google SERP for certain keywords.  Do you think there will be many people go and click on your website? Do you think you will have a lot of businesses online? Of course NO.  There are companies who paid hundred of thousands USD in order to be ranked on the top 5 in the SERP. Those companies are willing to spend that kind of money because they know being in the top 5, the rewards are worth more than what they have paid for.

Google Search Personalisation

Let’s put aside the SEO for now. I will  touch on SEO in many of my future posts. What I am going to share with you today is the personalisation of Google Search. Google has been talking about personalisation of search results since 3 or4 years ago. But this is fully implemented only last month.

So what is Google search personalisation? Google, being the ‘Man In charge’ of the internet, make use of your web history (if you log in your Google account) or anonymous cookies on your computer (if you do not sign in your Google account) to study your surf pattern or behaviour and return you with the search results accordingly. In order words, the search results coming back to you and me may be different. Example, if you search for ‘France Vineyard’, your results may be different from mine if you have certain fond on one particular vineyard (example Vineyard ABC). You may have clicked on Vineyard ABC few times before and Google detected your preference and therefore rank Vineyard ABC on top of your SERPs. So you see how Google has evolved over the years. Watch the video below.

0 Search Engine Optimisation  Effect By Google Search Personalisation

So with these changes, Google has made the SEO more unpredictable and also more challenging. But it is not without solution. If you want to get rid of the noices which may affect your search result ranking, you just have to clear your web history or disable customisation. So you see, Google will ‘invade’ your privacy first, but they then allow you to opt out if you do not want Google to track your search pattern or history.

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