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Try if You Dare!

Every now and then we heard of people selling interesting stuff or even put themselves up for sale on eBay. This has made eBay one of the most interesting portal for people to search for things they want to buy or things that they cannot get locally.

I have friend who always hunt on eBay for Baba Nyonya furniture, costumes etc. He can always find something expensive on eBay but only pay a fraction of the actual cost as people who put up the item for bidding may not know how valuable the things are. If you find something ‘interesting’ from your grandfather’s wardrobe, try to post on eBay for sale and, you never know it may make you million of dollars richer:). So basically eBay is a fun place to ‘hunt’ around during your free time.

There are some interesting eBay auctions which have caught my attention over the years (some of them may still running live in auction). I have decided to list them down here for sharing:

1. X-Men Toilet Seat: The number one selling comic book of all time, X-Men #1 (1991), sold over 7 MILLION copies. It was released with 4 variant covers and a “deluxe” edition with a gatefold cover and glossy pages. One of each of the issues were carefully deconstructed, panel by panel, cover by cover using scissors and X-Acto blades.  Hundreds of separate images were glued to every square inch (other than water holes) of the bowl, tank, seat, and lids.

x man toilet seat Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

Interesting Disclaimer from the seller here: ” I CAN NOT guarantee the efficacy of this art piece if it were to be installed as a working toilet.  It would probably work, but water italic; will find a way into the smallest pinhole and the bowl interior is possibly subject to degradation.  The exterior is likely immune to problems, and as far as I know the actual plumbing in the tank is still functional.  But again, I would hate to think that all the work that went into the bowl could possibly be flushed away, along with the fact that the fully covered back of the tank would be butted up against a wall and never be seen.  But once you own it, it would be your choice as to how strongly you feel about……using it.”

x men toilet seat 2 Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

2. Vampire Killing Kit : Western Vampire needs a special kit to kill them. You may want to consider putting up a Chinese vampire killing kit for sale on eBay too.

vampire killing kit1 Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!This one is going at the rate of $268.

They even come with a fascinating video:

0 Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

3. Virgin Mary Sandwich: I am sure you have seen this or heard of this in most of the newspaper in year 2007.

From BBC News:

A decade-old toasted cheese sandwich said to bear an image of the Virgin Mary has sold on the eBay auction website for $28,000. An internet casino confirmed it had purchased the sandwich, saying it had become a “part of pop culture”.

Goldenpalace.com says it will take the sandwich on world tour before selling it and donating the money to charity.

virgin mary sandwich Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

4. Time Travel Theory: I guess we have enough of the movie. Now come the real thing-

For only $10,000,000.00 you can purchase the Theory of Time Travel on eBay. Ronald W. Francis of Project Clockstar posts that “I have been Pondering how to Market such a Phenomenon and feel that eBay is a Good Open Market Forum. After Ten Years of Research and Hard Work, our Discovery Indicates that the Possibility of Time Travel exists. It is a very Complex and Precise Formula. Under Precise Conditions this is Possible and Achievable. This Discovery is Absolutely Real. I have been told my work is” Absolute Exact Science” and “Very Impressive”. It has Shaken my Nervous System due to its Magnitude. The World Should Prepare. Time Travel is Very Close to Reality. I would not Waste Yours or My Time Folks if this were not Real.”

time travel Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

When the eBay Auction is not doing well… here come the update icon smile Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

If $10,000,000.00 is too much for you to handle you can always contribute $10 to the Time Travel Fund. The theory behind this is that time travel is possible however the technology is a long way off……….

5. Sell your Life: In year 2008, Ian Usher put up his ‘life’ so sale on eBay. He even set up a website to promote his auction – http://www.alife4sale.com. Heartbroken after his wife, Laura, left him for another man, Mr Usher came up with the idea of making a clean break and auctioning his entire life on eBay. Everything in his airy three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Perth ( he migrated to Aus in 2001 from the UK) reminded him of Laura, he declared. So he would sell it all, and walk out with only his wallet and passport, and the clothes on his back. The winner even get a trial in his work place! His auction ended in a little bit of disappointment. The English expatriate’s life was snapped up for a more modest £192,000 or roughly $320.000.

Wedding on ian usher Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

Wedding of Ian Usher with Laura - The Past

But what happen to this guy after selling himself off. He has begun with his new project- Coming out with a Book named: A Life Sold. You can check out his website at http://www.100goals100weeks.com & http://www.ianusher.com.

6. Selling baby naming right: It happened few times in the past the people are raising money via eBay by selling the naming right to their new born baby (or even before being born). It may sound ridiculous to many of you but it happens again and again. You want your kid to be named ‘playboy’ or ‘SevenEleven”? Who to blame? The parents? One of the interesting case as follow:

naming child Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

The Silvermans family auctioning the rights to name their seventh child; bidding started at $150 and the pathetic winner of this truly strange eBay auction paid out $15,000 to name the boy GoldenPalaceDotCom Silverman (again it is the Golden Palace Casino site). As their son grows, it is doubtful the boy will appreciate the name, especially the way it will appear on a business card of nameplate — maybe he’ll post a bizarre auction on eBay for the rights to rename him when he grows up.

7. Selling Virginity: Men Fantasy. People are willing to do anything for money. And I guess if you do it with much publicity, you will be able to do pocket more. Prostitution is the oldest profession or industry. But who knows with eBay, you can sell your virginity at even higher price as compared to those unknown prostitutes who are selling themselves on the street.

natalie dylan auctioning off her virginity Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

Pretty Natalie

22 year-old Natalie Dylan wanted to pay her college tuition by auctioning her naughty bits. Her auction was turned down by eBay. But she then was offered to have her auction taken place in Nevada at the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a legalized brothel (seen on HBO’s hit series “Cathouse”). The offers on her table even reached into the millions. I guess she should be TAXED!

8. Advertising: You can sell your body as advertising space on eBay. There are plenty of people willing to bid for you.

forehead tattoo Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

Karolyne Smith - $10K Tattoo on the Forehead!

9. Celebrity: Belongings or used items from the celebrities can always fetch good prices on eBay. Britney Spear sold chewing gum (spatted out) is being offered for sale on eBay in year 2003 and reported to reach $14,000. May be you can try to capture the fart of Lady Gaga and sell on eBay.

bspears Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

The list can go very long.. Don’t know if the prime minister would mind if I put him up for bidding on eBay!  It is interesting to see how much he worth! The winner can do anything he wants to you?? ….. ehm….

ebay Interesting and Funny eBay Auctions!

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